FAQs - Waste Management, Shredding & Recycling

Frequently asked questions about our committment to Recycling & the Environment, our Waste Management Solutions; and our Secure Document & Data Shredding Services.

Where does STE Waste dispose of general waste?

We only use accredited contractors and licensed transfer stations who, like us are committed to reducing landfill.

Why does STE Waste not just put all the waste together in one bag or bin to ease disposal? 

At STE we don’t believe in co-mingling waste as it contaminates the waste stream and is little help in maximising recycling and reducing the need for landfill. The lowest common denominator approach of co-mingled waste is not for us, that is why we encourage all our customers to sort at source and provide a wide range of colour co-ordinated bins which makes real recycling very easy.

What type of document shredding does STE Waste offer?

Our state-of-the-art shedders use cross-cut shredding technology, which breaks up your confidential documents into confetti-sized pieces, cut to approximately 15mm. Our high security double shredders cut to approximately 4mm. This process of crosscut shredding offers greater security than conventional strip-cut shredders, which can leave important information visible even after shredding. In contrast, our confetti-sized pieces cannot be reconstructed, ensuring total destruction of your confidential documents.

What constitutes confidential information?

We understand that all businesses produce different types of confidential waste, all of which could be extremely costly if they ever fell into the wrong hands.
Some examples of confidential material include:
•    Customer lists
•    Financial records
•    Computer printouts
•    Medical records
•    Personnel files
•    Sales statistics
•    Account records
•    Legal documents
•    Advertising misprints
•    Cancelled cheques
•    Tax records
•    Invoices
•    Price lists
•    New product proposals
•    Correspondence and memos
•    Credit card receipts
•    Delivery records
•    Inventory lists
•    Outdated business records
•    Competitive information

Where does STE Waste store confidential materials waiting to be shredded?

For either our on-site or off –site shredding service we provide our customers with locked security consoles, free of charge, to safely store confidential waste before it is shredded. Designed to be conveniently sized and subtly shaded so that they blend in with any office environment, our locked security consoles are placed in convenient locations throughout your workplace. Within these consoles sensitive materials are stored in specially designed security bags. For added security, only one designated contact within your organisation has a key to access your consoles. For any material that is shredded off-site we store the sealed security bags in our security protected warehouse before destruction.

Do I need to sort my papers before they can be shredded?

No. You don’t even need to remove paper clips, staples or binder clips. However, we do require the paper to be free from plastic folders and leaver arch files to protect the quality of the waste commodity.

How often does STE Waste come to shred?

As often as you need us to. Before your service begins, an STE Consultant works with you to agree a shredding schedule that is appropriate for your specific organisation and the amount of sensitive information that you produce. You may require shredding on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even an annual basis. Whatever your requirements, the frequency of your shredding service can be modified to suit you.

What happens if our console is full before the regularly-scheduled service time?

Just call and we’ll be happy to organise an extra collection for you. If you find that you’re often filling your consoles before the next scheduled service date, we can provide you with additional security consoles or alternatively increase the frequency of your service.   

When do I receive my invoice?

For scheduled general waste you will receive a monthly invoice. For shredding work your invoice will be provided after the data destruction has taken place

What size of jobs does STE Waste accept?

As they say no job is too large or too small. Whether you are a multinational corporation or a smaller enterprise, we can provide the same quality service to your door. If it’s easier you can also bring your shredding or general waste to us at our premises for destruction

What if I only need to use STE Waste's service one time or just for annual clean-ups?

That’s no problem at all. Whatever your requirements, from daily shredding services to annual purges, we can meet your needs with the highest standards of security and compliance.

How often do STE Waste employees undergo training?

Comprehensive training is conducted both in classroom style learning and in the field. The combination of these two methods means that we regularly retrain our staff about new aspects of our business so they can keep you informed of any changes that might be relevant to you.

Can we bring our shredding or general waste to STE Waste for disposal?

Yes you’re very welcome to bring your waste to us. Why not use our shop and shred service?
As we’re ideally located in one of Manchester and Cheshire’s most popular retail areas, it is particularly convenient to bring your shredding to us. It’s quick – we can shred more in a minute than you can at home in an hour – hassle free and affordable.

We are happy to help, please call us on 0161 488 4468 or contact us via our online enquiry form with any waste management, shredding or recycling requirements enquiries you may have.

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