STE Waste - Recycling Redefined

tailor made waste collections to reduce your costs and improve recycling & environmental impact 

Recycling your waste will benefit your business in several ways. It helps you meet
waste legislation requirements and environmental targets. You’ll reduce operating
costs by using your resources more efficiently. And by showing your commitment
to sustainable development, you'll impress your customers too.  

Take the right steps with Real Recycling

"Real Recycling is about maximising the economic, environmental and social benefits
of recycling for everyone, from local council tax payers to the national and global reprocessing industries."

The Campaign for Real Recycling is concerned that collection systems that gather a range of different materials in one bag or bin and then compact them could permanently undermine the environmental and economic benefits of recycling. We agree, co-mingled bin collections, operated by many of our competitors, leads to contamination in the waste stream and this reduces the purity and quality of the traded commodity and thereby the value of the recycling loops. Currently there is very little protection from misleading marketing claims regarding waste recycling percentages which is a huge problem in the waste industry.  

The Environment and the Economy will thank us

The lowest common denominator approach of co-mingled waste is not for us, that is why we encourage all our customers to sort at source and provide a wide range of colour co-ordinated waste recycing bins which makes real recycling very easy. Join the campaign, let’s redefine recycling together and enjoy the benefits of highly separated collections – the environment and the economy will thank us.

Real Recycling - increase waste recycling portential

•    The purity of waste streams are improved, which reduces the cost of collection
•    The method used is in line with Defra best practice within the waste hierarchy
•    Working together we’ll be helping to meet society’s and STE Waste’s ultimate targets of zero landfill and maximum protection of the environment  

Materials we recycle

•    Paper recycling
•    Cardboard recycling
•    Cans recycling
•    Glass recycling
•    WEEE Directive - electrical recycling
(e.g. computers, printers, televisions)

Waste management & recycling - areas covered

We service areas in and around Manchester and Cheshire, including: Alderley Edge, Bramhall, Cheadle, Chorlton, Congleton, Didsbury, Knutsford, Macclesfield, Manchester Airport, Sale, Salford, Stockport, Tameside and Wilmslow.

We are happy to help, please contact us for any enquiry you may have relating to your waste management requirements.

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