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Secure Onsite Paper Shredding for Manchester & Cheshire

Recent statistics for identity theft make for unpleasant reading. The number of cases across the UK shot up by 57% in 2015 and by a massive 83% in Manchester – 5% more than in London. Research also shows that people living in affluent suburbs around the UK’s major cities are more likely to be targeted, with Altrincham named ‘UK’s provincial identity fraud capital’ by Experian in 2013.

It’s Never Been More Important to
Protect Your Data

It isn't just office waste management that's important in the fight against fraud, with criminals targeting homes more than ever. It’s all too easy (and tempting) to throw confidential documents in the bin when they’re no longer needed, especially in the comfort and security of your own home. But items like bank statements, passports, mobile phone bills and even supplier invoices can prove hugely valuable to fraudsters. Identity thieves can use this personal and financial information to piece together a profile for an individual or business. 

This profile can then be used to access online and telephone banking accounts, create fraudulent online shopping accounts, and take out credit cards, loans and even mortgages in your personal or company name. If your information is used in this way, the damage to your credit ratings could take up to two years to put right.

Stay Safe with our Secure
Paper Shredding Service

Our domestic, confidential paper shredding service gives you invaluable reassurance that your sensitive personal and financial information has been correctly and completely destroyed. For ultimate peace of mind, you can even watch as we shred your information. office waste management

  • STEP 1 Call us to book an appointment, so we know when to expect you. Our premises are open to the public on weekdays from 9am to 1pm.

  • STEP 2 Load up your car with your documents and drive to our premises in Cheadle Hulme. Visit our Contact page to view a map and directions.

  • STEP 3 We'll unload your car and shred your items as you watch, giving you total security of information and complete peace of mind.

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