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Environmental, Social and Governance - our position

At STE Waste Management, we put sustainable practices at the centre of our operations. For us this begins with our focus on local markets. Our guiding principle is that the most sustainable thing we can all do, is to use your local suppliers where possible.

But we do more than that – much more.

We measure our success not only in commercial terms, but also in the positive impact we have on our communities, work colleagues and the planet.

For us, sustainability is not just about recycling your waste – although that is very important. It includes, how we operate as a business, what we put back into local communities, how we treat our staff and what standards we adhere to in order to provide our core services.

We have recently teamed up with Carbon Footprint which is helping us on our Net Zero journey by offsetting the entire carbon output of our operations. This move will give us and our customers, the evidence that every single gram of carbon we produce is accounted for and offset.

Our aim is to be a Net Zero supplier which provides outstanding levels of service and a brilliant working environment.

Please download our ESG position paper which details many of the activities we are involved in and points to the emerging themes we are exploring to deliver a greener and brighter future for us all.