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    • coffee-cup-recycling.jpg
    • Reasons why 99.75% of take away coffee cups are not recycled

      The public are becoming more knowledgeable about the fact that it isn’t as easy to recycle take away coffee cups as they may have thought. The main cause of difficulty is said to be the mixture of paper and plastic within …

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    • id-data-fraud.jpg
    • ID and data fraud on the rise as criminals discover new targets

      In 2017, the cases of identity theft in the UK increased to its highest level yet with almost 175,000 cases recorded. This colossal number shows that fraud has risen by 125% in the last 10 years. Over a third of bank account take …

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    • computer-recycling
    • Old Computer Recycling

      If you have any old computer equipment STE Waste offer a FREE computer recycling service covering all areas of Manchester and Cheshire. Computer disposal service Simply call us to let us know that you are …

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