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    • cybercrime-rise.jpg
    • Cybercrime is on the rise

      Cybercrime is a criminal activity that involves the internet. The height of the UK’s cybercrime has rose again in “scale and complexity”. The NCA have claimed that cybercrime affects more UK citizens, …

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    • facebook-logo[1].png
    • Facebook security update

      Facebook has designed a new feature to help you identify and protect yourself against fraudsters stealing your data and hijacking your account. The website has created access for its users to see every email the site has …

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    • preventing-scam-mail.jpg
    • The dangers of scam mail and how you should deal with it

      Email scams are becoming increasingly common as fraudsters come up with new tricks to try and steal your bank details and personal information. In some cases the emails have malevolent software attached to it which can infect …

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    • impact-of-landfill.jpg
    • The impact of landfill tax

      Landfill tax has existed in the UK since October 1996 and has been slowly increasing as our society and the government grow more aware of the bad impact that sending waste to the landfills has on the environment. The people who …

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    • the-cheshire-dash-2018-ste-waste.jpg
    • STE waste cycles for Duchenne

      Transforming lives is a charitable foundation set up by Mike and Catriona Marshall. The foundation, helped by The Cheshire Flyers, is responsible for organising the Cheshire Dash for Duchenne 2018. The Cheshire dash, …

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    • recycled-plastic-for-roads.jpg
    • Recycled Plastic for roads

      Following China’s ban on the importation of the UK’s recycled plastics, county councils have been coming up with new ways to make use of the vast amounts plastic and waste that comes into the landfill,  one …

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    • china-plastic-ban.jpg
    • China bans the import of 32 waste materials

      The Chinese Ministry of Ecology and Environment has announced that the importation of scrap steel, post-industrial plastics waste, PET bottles and waste electrical and electronic equipment will be banned by the end of the …

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    • online-banking-security.jpg
    • Online banking security problems

      There is a lot to like about on line banking, it’s extremely convenient as you can access your account from anywhere you are in the world. Online banks also offer better saving rates making you able to keep more money in …

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    • nhs-data-security.jpg
    • Information security in the NHS

      Document management and control is strictly regulated under the Data Protection Act and Freedom of Information Act. Due to the very nature of the service that the NHS provides, large volumes of patient records ranging from …

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