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Personal identity theft can cost thousands


According to information within a recent article on the BBC (View Article), there were 223,163 reported cases of identity fraud in the UK. This was an 18% increase from the previous year. This increase could be linked to the Coronavirus pandemic, as offenders look to exploit vulnerabilities during a period when people have more pressing concerns; such as health and wellbeing.

Experts have predicted that the number of cases is likely to see further increases due to a number of reasons:

-  Criminals are using more sophisticated methods

-  Fraudsters are also using large scale data breaches

-  Committing international scams from the comfort of being sat behind a computer

STE Waste offers domestic shredding and hard drive destruction services to ensure no one can steal your identity and use private information to build up a profile. You can watch the destruction take place for total piece of mind.

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