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Recycled Plastic for roads


Following China’s ban on the importation of the UK’s recycled plastics, county councils have been coming up with new ways to make use of the vast amounts plastic and waste that comes into the landfill,  one of them being to use the plastic as part of the tarmac mixture that we use on roads. 

Toby McCartney, of MacRebur Plastics Road Company, told Sky News: "We're able to take the waste plastics that are destined for landfill, we take those plastics and we add them into an asphalt mix to create a stronger, longer lasting road. The plastic makes up about 0.5% of the mixture so essentially, instead of going into landfill; plastic waste is going towards reducing our dependence upon fossil fuels. These days, Councils have less money to spend on repairing road surfaces, therefore this new method of construction can only help improve this by making roads more hard-wearing and contributing towards recycling efforts. 

The Greenage suggest that the negatives of using plastic in the tarmac mixture is that because it is a new concept, we don’t know the long term effects it can have yet or how it can be disposed of once the plastic has reached the end of its life span also there is no evidence to suggest that the plastics are chemically inert which means that the degradation process could leak toxic substances and gases later down the line. However The Greenage can also confirm that councils across the UK are certain that it could be a better alternative to importing their recycled plastics over to China. 

Source: Sky News 28th October 2017

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