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STE waste cycles for Duchenne


Transforming lives is a charitable foundation set up by Mike and Catriona Marshall. The foundation, helped by The Cheshire Flyers, is responsible for organising the Cheshire Dash for Duchenne 2018. The Cheshire dash, inspired by the Duchenne dash (a 24 hour bike ride from London to Paris put together by Duchenne UK), is a 2 day 200 mile bike ride through the Cheshire country side. 

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy is the most common fatal genetic disease diagnosed in childhood (most commonly before the age of 5) and almost always only affects boys. Duchenne affects approximately 1 in every 3,500 boys that are born but only around 1 in 50 million girls. There are around 2,500 patients in the UK and an estimated 300,000 sufferers worldwide. Whilst the prognosis is improving, there is still no certain cure, meaning boys diagnosed with this disease are facing a life sentence.  Duchenne UK is working to find treatments and a cure to end Duchenne in 10 years.

The 2 day bike ride taking place on 7th June 2018 has a target of £100,000. Marcus Farmer, our managing director, completed the ride and said “Totally knackered but it was worth it for the cause.” 

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