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Facebook security update


Facebook has designed a new feature to help you identify and protect yourself against fraudsters stealing your data and hijacking your account. The website has created access for its users to see every email the site has recently to them on the settings menu. This way, users are able to work out whether they have received a legitimate email from the company. If the users have received a fraudulent email it will not appear there.

Cyber criminals are extremely capable of disguising emails to make themselves look like they are sending a message from a legitimate company. They will often trick you into giving out your personal information including login details. Others will direct you malicious sites which infect your computer which can help them to steal your personal data. This is known as a “phishing” attempt. 

Tech advisor suggests that another way of avoiding fraudsters on Facebook is by not accepting all of your friend requests. This way you are totally avoiding friending an identity thief or fraudster. Ensure that your profile is locked down so that only approved friends see what you share, if you stick to these guidelines you are less likely to be attacked by a cybercriminal. 

Source: Independent 22 December 2017

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