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STE Waste avoids Manchester rush hour traffic due to congestion so the lads can get home for their kids!


It has now been acknowledged by the Manchester evening news, that Manchester has the worst traffic congestion of anywhere in England outside of London. A recent study done by the NIC, confirmed that drivers in the city are now having to deal with facing gridlock on top of all the regular challenges they already face during a day’s work. 

The test was carried out by the NIC comparing the ease of driving from one end of the city to another during rush hour and at off peak times. The difficulty of being stuck in gridlock creates misery and stress for all of Manchester’s workers that are trying to get from A to B. It has also been confirmed that the younger generations are changing their preferable living areas and not buying cars because they don’t want to deal with the aggravation of being stuck in the ‘large public carpark’ that Manchester has now become. 

Department for transport’s figures now show that the average traffic speed in Manchester is 15.3mph which is very low compared to an entire English average of 25mph. However the department for transport has now distributed a share of £840 million to local leaders which will be spent over the next four years in designing additional, more efficient public transport. 

STE waste has made the decision to start the working day at 6:30am with a finishing time of  2:30pm to avoid being caught up in the Manchester grid lock and we believe we are the first transport company in the country to have this policy due to congestion. Marcus Farmer our Managing Director said ‘Reducing stress levels for our drivers, particularly at the end of the day, has become a crucial part of our management strategy with regards staff happiness and retention. Making it possible for the lads that work for us to get home earlier to spend quality time with their families over the last few months has led to a lot more smiles around the working environment’.

Source: Manchester evening news

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