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Will noise pollution and parking congestion issues become more important than information security issues in central Manchester?


Since the 1980s, shredding companies in the UK have been required to meet their customer’s needs for secure disposal of confidential documents. The requirements have risen since the Data Protection Act in 1998. Since then, shredding companies have played a crucial role in reducing the risk of potential crimes including identity theft and multiple types of fraud. 

The recommended way that companies dispose of their confidential documents has always been on site shredding. This way, clients can watch the shredding and disposal of their documents ensuring protection and peace of mind. This ends the chain of custody for the information as it has effectively been destroyed before it leaves site. It can then be taken off and recycled. 

Although on site shredding has been admired by many organisations over the last 30 years, the London authorities are now trying to move away from on site shredding describing it an inefficient solution. There is a lobby that is now up and running saying that on site shredding vehicles are expensive to run and maintain and can also raise noise complaints and contribute to air pollution if the vehicles are not electric. In addition, it says manoeuvring large vehicles can cause a large amount of traffic congestion on the roads. Furthermore it also says that there is minimal risk of theft or loss of the documents between the customer’s premises and the secure disposal centre. 

At STE Waste we are still committed to on site for all of our shredding Manchester clients because we feel that it is essential that our clients get to watch the shredding process for security and peace of mind. 

Article by Annabelle Farmer

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