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100% Commitment to Recycling Paper Packaging Over The Christmas Period


Once again STE Waste are committed to:

Recycling paper packaging over Christmas

Collections will continue as usual over the Christmas period with STE Waste recycling 100% of the paper packaging left over from Christmas. However, estimates from the Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) show that an additional 300,000 tonnes of card packaging is generated over the festive holidays with a recent survey saying an average of 24 Christmas cards will be discarded once the festive period is over.

Recycling Tips for Christmas

1. Turn leftovers into meals
7 out of 10 admit to buying more food than they needed, with 66% saying at least some turkey usually ends up in the bin.

2. Buy a fake tree to reuse every year

3. Buy rechargeable batteries
The average house will throw away seven batteries over the Christmas period. Using rechargable batteries is better for the environment.

4. Order online in one order to reduce amount of packaging
Where possible order in bulk online as one order. Royal Mail estimates in December 2016 it handled 138 million parcels, resulting in a lot of waste packaging. 

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