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Free Christmas Tree Recycling


Christmas Tree Collection

STE Waste picks up over 250 trees each year throughout Manchester and Cheshire.

Around 6 million Christmas trees are sold in Britain each year, and the local government association estimates that the cost of landfilling those trees would be approximately £13.9 million. Here are some ways that you can dispose of your tree in an environmentally friendly manner:

How to Recycle a Christmas Tree

After removing the decorations from your tree and removing the tree from its stand, the tree can then be recycled by dropping it at a communal collection point.

Replant your Christmas Tree

If you don’t want to get rid of your tree it can be replanted in your garden. The tree will act as an excellent shelter for birds during the winter months. A tree can only be replanted if it is still alive, so before digging a hole make sure the root ball of your tree is still intact before digging a hole.

STE Waste ensure that no Christmas trees go to landfill. Please contact us to discuss ways on how to recycle your Christmas tree. 

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