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Recycle your gadgets is important for the environment


Recycle Your Gadgets Today

An increasing number of gadgets and appliances are being discarded.

A study was driven by the European Commission's circular economy package, which is intended to increase recycling levels.

The drive to recycle our products and reduce factors such as climate change is one of the main aims.

EU Circular Economy Targets

  • Recycling 65 per cent of municipal waste by 2030 
  • Recycling 75 per cent of packaging waste by 2030
  • To reduce landfill to maximum of 10% of all waste by 2030
  • Promoting economic instruments to discourage landfilling
  • Simplified and improved definitions for recycling rates throughout the EU
  • Concrete measures to promote re-use
  • Economic incentives for producers to put greener products on the market and support recovery and recycling schemes

Read article on Daily Mail here.

It is important that we all try to remember to recyle as much of our waste as possible.

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