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100% of Paper and Card Recycled

Recycling is at the forefront of what STE Waste do, and while we specialise in WEEE waste and shredding services, that doesn’t mean we ignore the basics of waste recycling. Paper and card are some of the most abundant forms of waste, especially due to how often we use these materials in everyday life and equally, how much we throw away.

That’s why it makes us proud to say that after a morning of providing quick and reliable waste disposal services to our local community, we recycle 100% of any paper and card we collect.


Local Manchester and Cheshire recyclables

A big part of our cliental are local Manchester and Cheshire businesses. In fact, one of the services we provide is dedicated office waste collection. Electrical waste can make up a large portion of what offices throw away but paper and card make up the majority. Every unwanted page out of a printer, or the cardboard from boxes of office supplies needs to go somewhere eventually, and disposed of in the proper fashion.

So when our clients need to get rid of their unwanted paper and card, they can rely on us to meet their expectations and provide efficient and trusted waste management services.

Confidential paper shredding and recycling

What about the sensitive paper documents that may need disposing of? This could be any manner of personal information that must be destroyed properly to prevent the wrong people from acquiring it. For commercial clients, and even for domestic, this privacy is incredibly important, so we’re more than happy to assist in shredding and recycling and paper or card that holds confidential information.

We can do this in two ways, on-site and off-site shredding. This is entirely confidential and provides our clients with the peace of mind they need to know their private data is out of the hands of thieves. For extra peace of mind, clients can watch us shred the papers themselves before it’s taken away to be recycled.

Supporting the local Manchester and Cheshire environment

Due to our operations taking place primarily in Greater Manchester and Cheshire, STE Waste is proud to know that we’re contributing to local environmental sustainability, and that our clients are too.

With the heavy emphasis on UK businesses to adhere to more sustainable business practises, there’s no better time to re-evalutate recycling of unwanted commercial waste. Luckily, our dedication to local businesses in Greater Manchester an Cheshire makes this much easier. In addition to this, our onboarding process for new clients is quick, flexible, and has no environmental impact.

Compared to other recyclable material, paper and card are some of the easiest to dispose of and given the quantity that has to be thrown away especially within businesses, it’s vital as much of the waste is recycled as possible. STE Waste make sure we do this, and we’re proud to offer that assurance to our clients, as we help fufill their local environment obligations in addition to adhering to our own.