As many businesses have been forced to shut offices as a precaution during lockdown, a company called Mates in Mind are offering support to workers with their mental health.

During the pandemic, there has been an increase in mental health cases. This increase could be due to the fact that individuals are working from home and have limited face to face contact with friends, family and colleagues.

The Mates in Mind service aims to offer help and support for workers in these difficult times. There are three things that they focus on:

  • Mental health and well-being of supporters and partners
  • Reaching out with advice and guidance
  • Support for public health and government leads as they work to contain the virus

At STE Waste we aim to treat workers with goodwill, keep moral high and treat them fairly during this difficult time, as stress can have a serious impact on the productivity of the team.

Click the link below more about Mates in Mind and the support they can offer:

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