Europe has around half a million landfill sites. Commencing in 2016 and led by a team from Belgium, a 4-year research project was established led by with the aim to develop a cutting edge and eco-friendly enhanced landfill mining (ELFM) system to recover resources such as materials, energy and land.

Experts have said that this could potentially be the missing link to a Circular Economy.  It will put the focus on the sustainability of products and hope to reduce and reuse materials before recycling them.

Another question that needs to be asked, is what will happen to the waste that’s accumulated in landfill over the past century. This is still yet to be discussed.

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STE Waste Management diverts 100% of its waste collected through material recycling facilities wherever possible. We have a commitment to real recycling for cardboard, paper and computer equipment. Click here to read more about our recycling facilities for both commercial customers and domestic households.

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