In this ever changing world in which we live, the recycling and re-using of waste is quickly replacing the normal method of waste disposal. This allows waste managers to achieve a 'Circular Economy' as opposed to the traditional 'Linear Economy' of produce, use and dispose.

At the start of the 'Circular Economy' cycle we achieve the maximum value from the product whilst it is in use. We then recover and regenerate the product at the end of the cycle, enabling valuable resources to be maintained.

This can be acheived by replacing non-renewable resources with bio-based or renewable materials such as plants, wood and resin. Another example is where materials such as wool starts life as a jumper, and then, as part of the recycling process gets broken down to its raw materials and ends life as a carpet.

In addition, by offering consumers products for a subscription fee, as opposed to ownership, makes it easier for the seller to track the usage and cycle of the product.

At the end of a customer's usage, the retailer can then accept the product back, and if necessary send on to another client.

Whether it's trade waste recycling, confidential paper shredding or secure computer recycling, STE Waste Management aim to recycle as much as possible.

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