STE Waste Management plans to help clean up air pollution by planting a forest in association with the National Trust starting with 1000 trees in Lyme Park, Disley Stockport.

New research has discovered that Manchester’s air pollution crisis is now more deadly than London’s. A Think tank report argues that one way to stop this deadly crisis would be to restrict the amount of traffic that enters the city centre or to create a clear air zone. The report also concludes that 1.6m “life years” will be lost to the people living in the greater Manchester area over the coming century.

It has been confirmed that hospitals in Manchester have the highest rate admissions for asthma in the country. The currency of this statistic links to the fact that thousands of vehicles a day including buses of which Manchester have some of the dirtiest in the UK, are polluting the city by emitting tiny, invisible pollution particles. It has also been recently reported that three out of five sites in Greater Manchester currently monitoring pollution, are recording illegally high levels of PM25 particles which is a type of pollution that is emitted through exhaust fumes and can cause lung disease. Evidence also suggests that the most vulnerable people to air pollution are those living in disadvantaged areas.

STE waste understands that the main contribution is the transport industry so we have taken the decision to offset our carbon emissions by planting a forest in Lyme Park, Disley over the next two years. The first 1000 trees are going to be planted in November 2018 and by 2020 our aim is to plant 20,000 new trees.

Source: Manchester Evening News

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