Environmental sustainability is vitally important for businesses and has become increasingly so over the last few years, especially with a heavier emphasis being placed on ESG policies and net-zero targets. This is something we at STE Waste Management take very seriously in our day to day operations. 

It is tempting to believe that a businesses approach to sustainability begins and ends with the operations – especially for a recycling and waste management company. However, something we put an equal amount of focus on, is the wellbeing of our hard working staff. It is, afterall, our colleages which make the business tick and deliver the sustainable outputs we are committed to. We’re proud of all our staff who represent our business day-to-day. We havedeveloped a set of policies to support them both during and out of work hours. 

Our family-oriented approach to business, means that we take into account that our staff have their own lives outside of their job, with partners and children and all the other stresses and strains of the modern world. We support them as much as possible, with the best example being start and finish times for shifts. 

While the typical workday for commercial waste services and bin collection takes place in the morning, sometimes the work runs into the early afternoon. Our operating model means we can set collection hours in a family-friendly way to enable our team to engage in childcare routines in a regular and certain manner. Our operating hours are from 6.30am to 2.30pm giving staff the leeway and certainty they need. 

We also believe that our team should be faily paid for their energy. Everybody is the business is paid at least double the recommended Living Wage as outlined by the Living Wage Foundation. 

This focus on family life is what sets us apart form the rest and we’re proud to be able to give our staff the opportunity to spend quality time with their families after all the hard work they put into their jobs.

Our plan is to continue this family-orientated business practise as it’s the hard-working individuals that make up a company.

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