STE Waste Management wouldn’t be able to provide its quick and efficient waste disposal services, without the vehicles that make it happen. They’re the tools of our trade. Our focus on being environmentally sustainable means that we continually invest in our fleet to ensure they are have as little environmental impact as is currently possible.

Our truck fleet consists of modern vehicles which all meet the strictest Euro 6 emissions standards. In addition, we utilise route optimization technology to create collection routes which are as efficient as possible. This means that we have a few ‘ghost’ miles as possible between collections and that we can keep our cost overheads as low as possible to pass savings onto our customers.

Coupled with routine preventative maintenance, we keep our fleet in tip top condition which means we can max out operating efficiencies and drive down emissions as far as possible with the technology we have available today.

We have also switch the business car fleet entirely over to electric vehicles meaning there are zero emissions at the tailpipe from the 30,000 business miles we rack up each and every year.

Ultimately, we take the environment seriously, and this extends to not only our recycling and secure shredding services, but the vehicles and equipment we use to do it, making our fleet an integral part of our waste management service.

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