As stated in our 6 Reasons to choose STE Waste Management, we operate within a 20-mile radius of our headquarters – around south Manchester and north Cheshire. This means our waste recycling, shredding truck service, and clearance services need to be planned out properly to ensure the job is done whilst keeping to our sustainability promises. Because of this, we use Manchester-based, Crystal Ball telematics software, which provides us with effective route optimisation for our vehicle fleet. This enables us to track and manage our work routes to ensure efficient service and minimal environmental impact.

Limiting waste management truck service’s environmental impact

The environmental impact that our collection fleet presents is something we are not going to simply ignore. Carbon emissions from our fleet are our ultimate priority in reducing our environmental impact. Given the constant use of our vehicles during our waste recycling collection rounds, as well as our state of the art shredding truck service, it’s one of our priorities to limit the impact they have on the environment.

Sustainable waste recycling practices in Manchester

There are a number of solutions to this, ranging from offsetting environmental impacts by planting trees, something that we have done ourselves recently, or finding innovative solutions to limiting our impact, such as through electric vehicles and more.

While we’d love to have a fully electric vehicle fleet in the future, especially with electric trucks for the commercial market set to enter the market, at this time our focus has to be on the way we use our vehicles to minimise our impact. That being said, we’re thrilled to be able to say we’re doing everything we can to provide a valued, cost-efficient, local service to Manchester, whilst also following the latest ESG guidance. 

Waste management and collection routes

By utilising our route optimisation software, we can provide our extensive recycling and collection services to all our current clients, whilst reducing our mileage when possible. This can involve the time of day, order of locations we visit, and more when we’re on the clock. 

This enables us to limit our impact on carbon emissions when we can, without compromising our partnerships with our clients or wider business. For new clients or customers, we can adapt our routes depending on where they are so that everyone can receive the same level of service whilst also keeping to our environmental sustainability ethos.


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