As part of recently implemented government guidelines, there is now a much greater emphasis on electrical and electronic waste (know in the trade as WEEE waste) and its impact on the environment. This is something STE Waste Management take seriously, shown by the inclusion of computer and hard drive shredding and recycling in our waste management services. Many of our valued clients, whether commercial or domestic, want to dispose of their WEEE waste in a responsible way, so we’re happy to make that happen in line with our policies on customer service and environmental protection.

Most people have an appreciation that the materials in electrical equipment, can be put to new use once the device has reached the end of its life. Your old broken toaster for example, is full of steel and copper which can easily be reused as can many of the plastics. The same is true for your old laptop, hair dryer, redundant fax machine (remember them?) or photocopier. This is where we come in.

What is WEEE waste?

WEEE waste means Waste Electrical, and Electronics Equipment, which is essentially any electrical appliance that needs to be disposed of. These can range from:

  • Large household appliances - eg fridges, cookers, microwaves, washing machines and dishwashers.
  • Small household appliances - eg vacuum cleaners, irons, toasters and clocks.
  • IT and telecommunications equipment - eg personal computers, copying equipment, telephones and pocket calculators.

Due to how much WEEE waste is disposed of every year, it’s vital to the environment to ensure that as much of it gets recycled as possible. This why we’re proud to say that any electrical waste collected during our commercial and domestic waste management services is 100% recycled. 


Our Manchester WEEE waste collections

A number of our clients are local office spaces and schools in Manchester and Cheshire, which generate a lot of electrical waste. Whether it’s time to upgrade their current computers to the latest models, or if an electronic breaks and needs to be thrown away, workplaces and schools contribute greatly to WEEE waste numbers.

Luckily, we have a range of services to choose from for our contracts that make sure all unwanted electronics are properly recycled, instead of being piled up in landfill sites. 

Hard drive shredding, disposal, or computer recycling are great choices for our customers, as it not only protects the local environment, but also securely disposes of electronics with sensitive data found within them. You can read more about why this is important here

For more widescale WEEE waste disposal, our office clearances are great for local businesses to get rid of any unwanted appliances, including electronics. This could include computers, printers, monitors and more. In addition to office space, we also offer domestic clearances for Manchester and Cheshire. This goes for not only unwanted tech, but also appliances too, like washers or dryers. 

Recycling is vital, now more than ever, which is why we pride ourselves on the local recycling services we offer. While the amount of waste generated on a local scale could be considered tiny or significant, it’s important to consider how it can all add up in the long-term. If everyone, whether it be local businesses, schools, residents and others all contribute to the recycling of waste it can make local communities that much nicer, as well as contribute to the wider goal of environmental conservation.

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