A government consultation has been set up to run for 12 weeks seeking views on how to up the rate of tree planting and forest management. If new policies are put in place, they will set out to increase tree coverage, boost public engagement with trees and woodlands; and, aid woodland management. A government scheme is already in place across the UK to expand the planting of trees up to 30,000 hectares per year by the year 2025.

The aims of this movement are to encourage nature recovery, help reduce carbon emissions, improve community’s health and wellbeing; and, finally grow our sustainable timber market. In addition, the government are committed to manage and protect the trees that we already have.

The four key areas that the government wants the publics view on are to:

  • Expand and connect woodland areas by providing farmers and land owners with incentives; such as grants to escalate supply of materials and workforce
  • Protect and improve trees and woodland
  • Engage people with trees and woodland by providing more green infrastructure in towns and cities and make them more attractive working environments
  • Support the economy by increasing the market for wood products and support a more sustainable timber industry

STE Waste Management planted 25,000 trees at the start of 2020. We now officially offset the carbon footprint used to collect waste bins across Manchester and Cheshire. We are happy for all our clients to take a walk out to these parks and view our tree planting projects. As our business grows we will be adding to this total and our hope is to get to 50,000 as quickly as possible.

In addition to our tree planting all our commercial cars are now 100% electric.

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