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Keeping track of collected waste

During our routine local services in Manchester and Cheshire, we collect and dispose of a lot of combined waste for our clients. Whether we’re clearing out offices, performing our routine bin collections, or disposing of electrical waste, we work hard to make sure all of our client’s individual needs are met to the best of our ability.

But how do we organise this? And how do we dispose of the unwanted materials after they’ve been collected? If you’re like us, you’d want to know that everything we collect goes to the right places and gets recycled when possible, rather than contribute to UK landfills.

This is why we’re open and honest with the disposal process, where certain things end up, and what happens to them when they get there. This information is outlined in our ESG Position Paper, but here are some examples.

Waste collections in Manchester and Cheshire

Our standard waste collections are always diverted away from landfill sites, something we’re very proud to not contribute to. The material we do collect, such as paper, metals etc, is always recycled when possible. Material that cannot be recycled are used at a waste to energy facility, where they help generate power. 

WEEE Waste in Manchester

WEEE waste, (Waste Electrical and Electronics Equipment) has become a big part of our collections. Since we provide commercial and domestic clearance services, we collect a lot of unwanted electronic equipment, whether it be computers, monitors, etc. As more and more technology is introduced into everyday life, more and more needs to be disposed. With each new gadget comes an out-of-date gadget that tends to be thrown away. Computers for instance, are items that are thrown away frequently, but contain plenty of recyclable and reusable material. With this in mind we’re happy to say that we recycle 100% of the WEEE waste we collect.

Waste management services in Manchester you can trust

Our local service is for our local clients, which means we understand that those who want to recycle will want to know their unwanted goods are going to the right places. We’re always happy to inform our valued customers that we’re a trusted waste management business, who take great in ensuring we’re doing our bit to contribute to recycling initiatives, and are happy to give people the opportunity to contribute themselves in any way they need with our tailored contracts.