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STE Waste Macclesfield services

For more than 25 years, STE Waste has had a focus on providing quality-driven and efficient waste management services to the Cheshire and Greater Manchester areas. These include a variety of storage bins, confidential data shredding, waste collections, and office/house clearances.

While we celebrate what we’ve achieved in our years of business, we’re always aiming for greater things. This includes expanding our services to additional clients in need of waste management services for either themselves or their businesses. With this in mind, let us talk about our services in Macclesfield, why we want to expand our operations to even more customers, and why we’re the go-to-choice for your waste management needs.

Our Macclesfield services

We’ve built our business to provide varied but sought-after services for all our clients, with affordable and flexible contracts. This means our customers can choose what services they need and have full control of how long they need them for, something that’s become very popular with our business clients. With no hidden charges, contracts on a monthly basis, and the choice to cancel or amend at any time, our offerings remain flexible and useful for as long as they’re needed.

That being said, we offer an extensive range of services to choose from. Aside from our usual waste collections and clearances, one of our standout services is our mobile shredding trucks. We’re one of the first in the UK to offer this and can confidently say that it’s 100% secure and confidential. Data breaches and hacking are hugely problematic for businesses, and we know the last thing business owners want is for their sensitive data to fall into the wrong hands, which is why we’ll travel to your workplace and shred your paper or digital information while you watch, giving you peace of mind that it’s unrecoverable.

We also offer waste storage options like skips on wheels and bins for a variety of purposes, such as general waste, paper, and electricals.

Expanding our Macclesfield clientele

We’re already an established presence in Macclesfield, evidenced by the 500 bin collections we do there every week. But we can always do more. With a population of more than 50,000, there are countless opportunities to expand our range of services to anyone in need of them.

There’s also no better time to choose a waste management service. Environmental sustainability has become a major issue in people’s professional and personal lives, with an expectation placed on everyone to be responsible for their actions and protect the environment whenever possible. At STE Waste we are incredibly passionate about this and have gone above and beyond to be a reliable, responsible, and trustworthy choice for our customers, especially business owners who can have peace of mind knowing their own company is being environmentally compliant.

We’ve also made strides in ensuring that our carbon footprint is reduced or offset whenever possible, which we’ve done by optimising our vehicle fleet and the technology used, ensuring that the majority of waste we collect gets recycled, and even partnering with Carbon Footprint, a service that measures the carbon we produce and informs us how we can decrease or offset it.

You can read more about our sustainability practices beyond environmental conservation in our ESG position paper.


Why STE Waste?

Aside from our environmental sustainability practices and our quality-driven service at flexible and affordable rates, STE Waste also provides a level of personal service that can’t be matched.

In addition to the efficiency of what we do and how we do it, we’re committed to true local service. We prioritise being a warm, welcoming, and friendly local voice for all our new and existing clients and maintain this friendliness during our 3,000+ trade waste collections every week.

Our commitment to being an enviro-friendly company makes us a reliable choice, and the multiple certifications, accreditations and experience accrued over the last 25 years reflects the time and effort we’ve put into improving our services and expanding our reach to more local areas in Manchester and Cheshire.