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Maintaining efficient operations whilst being mindful of our carbon emissions

Along with our commitment to exceptional customer service, and efficient operations across the Greater Manchester and Cheshire area, we also commit ourselves to consistent measurement of our carbon emissions are how we can decrease or offset them.

It’s this carbon-score focused approach that makes us a reliable, and environmentally-friendly waste management service, and something we’re particularly passionate about, so much so that it’s a key part of our ESG position paper.

Why it’s important to be carbon-score focused in Manchester and Cheshire

It’s been recorded that Greater Manchester is responsible for 3% of the UKs carbon emissions. Looking wider, studies have found the UK to be the fifth largest producer of carbon globally. Because of this, there’s an increasing amount of pressure placed on businesses to be more responsible for their impact on the environment, such as publishing their impact, offsetting any carbon they produce, or making the switch to more enviro-friendly solutions such as electric vehicles.

STE Waste is one of these businesses which has taken its impact seriously and aim to do something about it. Our goal is to eventually become a net zero business, and to do this we needed to take responsibility for our impact on the local Manchester and Cheshire area we operate within.

Improving our operations in our Manchester and Cheshire operating area

We operate our business within a 20-mile radius of our HQ, and while it’s crucial to maintain our speed and efficiency, we now have to be mindful our impact on the environment through carbon emissions.

We’ve made significant strides to accomplish this so far. For instance, we’ve made improvements to our vehicle fleet, investing in EVs for our business fleet, and outfitting our trucks with sophisticated route tracking technology. This enables us to keep a closer eye on optimising routes, and how these routes can be changed or improved depending on the location of our clients. This also limits the amount of ghost-miles our trucks travel, reducing carbon emissions.

We’ve also ensured all our trucks meet the strictest Euro 6 emissions standards, as well as regularly scheduling them in for maintenance to keep them at optimal performance.

Keeping track of our carbon score

Ultimately, all the positive changes we’ve made to our waste management business are irrelevant if we’re not keeping track of their impact on our carbon score. It’s for this reason that we frequently check how we’re doing, and how we can further improve on our journey to sustainability and net zero.

The main way we do this is through our partnership with Carbon Footprint. Carbon Footprint is an organisation that helps businesses become carbon neutral and has helped us greatly in monitoring and reducing our carbon output. We did this by sharing our carbon footprint and all the ways we contribute to it, then setting goals for where we want it to be in the future. We then identified ways we can reduce it, such as the improvements to our vehicle fleet, and offset it, a good example being our 25,000-tree contribution to the National Trust.

We’ve loved every minute of this partnership and are pleased with the progress we’ve made so far. Businesses across the UK, not just in Manchester and Cheshire, need to address build awareness and address the emission released as part of their operation. The impact it can have on the environment is too severe to ignore.

It’s for this reason that STE Waste is proud to show how we’re contributing to environmental sustainability and are working toward the day when we can declare ourselves a net zero business.