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Our range of bins

You’d be forgiven for not paying much too much attention to our bin line up. But, that’s ok, we know they are hardly glamourous! But, as well as being functional and perfect for your needs, they have a few sustainability surprises up their sleeve.

All our bins are extremely robust and last many, many years. When they do reach the end of their useful lives, we have an arrangement with the supplier which will recycle 100% of the material and put those resources back into useful circulation 

The bins cater for all business needs and are colour-coded to make the segregation of different waste types simple. Here’s what our line up looks like:

General waste bins

Our black general waste bins come in four sizes: 1,100ltr, 660ltr, 360ltr and 240ltr. They can be emptied as often as you need.

Paper and cardboard recycling bins

Our blue paper and cardboard recycling bins come in four sizes: 1,100ltr, 660ltr, 360ltr and 240ltr. A high percentage of office and retail waste can be recycled using these bins, provided the waste stream is kept free from contamination.

As with general waste bins, we'll agree a collection frequency based on your needs.

Computer waste bins

Our red 240ltr and 360ltr bins are for computer waste and can be emptied only when full.

Glass recycling collection

We can arrange for glass to be collected separately in 240ltr bins.

Bin capacity calculator

  • 1,100ltr - 20 black bin bags
  • 660ltr - 14 black bin bags
  • 360ltr - 7 black bin bags
  • 240ltr - 5 black bin bags


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