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Providing value for money to our Manchester and Cheshire clients

Considering the financial crisis the UK is facing this autumn and winter, members of the public and business owners are understandably worried for the tough times ahead. This is no different for those in the Greater Manchester and Cheshire area, which is why STE Waste is committed to providing the best possible services and providing real value for money.

Our clients matter to us, which is why we aim to consistently improve as we provide quality waste management services whilst being a friendly, and trustworthy face for those who choose us.

Our contracts

STE Waste offer a wide range of services that aim to give clients the options they need for any of their waste management services. Whether it’s skip hire, office equipment recycling or simply weekly bin collections for your business, we’re shape our services around you.

What sets our service apart is the flexibility of our approach. We understand that our clients’ needs will vary, with some seeking long-term service, and others seeking short-term. The last thing we want is to bog our clients down with services they don’t want, in a contract longer than is necessary, which is why we offer flexible contracts that can adapt to best suit our customers.

Having this flexibility enables our customers to select services that align with their time requirements and finances, and we’re always on hand to talk with them if they feel it’s time to end or extend the contact.

Pricing point

Our flexible contracts are something that we’re incredibly proud of, giving our clients the freedom and peace of mind, they need, especially in difficult economical times. In addition to this, our price-points are just as important to us, and we’ve made every effort to keep them fair and affordable.

Efficiency plays an important role in this effort, as we’re constantly evaluating what we’re doing, where our clients are located, and how long it’s taking us to get the job done. For example, STE Waste do over 3,000 trade waste collections every week in Manchester and Cheshire. During these collections, we use advanced route optimisation software, and plan out the most effective route. This enables us to keep our costs low and pass the savings onto our customers.

Our clients are at the heart of what we do, so it’s only right that we treat them fairly and provide our services at a price-point that’s affordable and offers them true value for their money.

Value in trust

Our value doesn’t just come from our pricing, but in the trust we develop between our brand and our customers. We don’t just do this through our affordable contracts, but the steps we take to ensuring we’re a responsible waste management provider, in accordance with our environmental, social and governance (ESG) position.

There’s been a sharp increase of expectations in regard to businesses and their ESG approach and given the work we do in collecting and recycling waste products, it’s only right that we meet those expectations, and proudly showcase it to our customers. By doing this, we generate value in ourselves as a business, so any new client we onboard can have peace of mind knowing that they made the right choice and partnered with an environmentally and socially trusted provider.

The value and trust we develop with our clients are vitally important to us, and we’re always striving to improve ourselves and the services we offer. By providing our waste collections, shredding services, clearances, skip hires etc, at fair and affordable prices, we sustain that value, and provide past, current and upcoming clients with the true value for money that they deserve.