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Setting and maintaining standards for waste management in Manchester and Cheshire

We’ve come a long way as a waste management company, with over 25 years of dedicated, and personalised service to all of our clients in Manchester and Cheshire. Since we started, we’ve amassed a range of accreditations, some important to our continued operations as a business, and others more in-line with our ESG policy and environmental conservation.

ISO Accreditations

Due to our handling of a range of different waste products, like other waste businesses we’re expected to have all the necessary accreditations that come with our sector.

Here at STE Waste we are proud to say that we have all of these up-to-date accreditations, enabling us to continue to the amazing services we provide, whilst giving our clients the assurance they need to choose us for their waste management services.


One of the services we offer is confidential hard-drive and paper shredding, disposing of your unwanted data in a safe and secure way, irretrievable by potential criminals. While we’re proud to be one of the first waste management companies in the UK to offer this service, we understand that there’s a significant level of trust involved to provide this service.

Because of this, we give our clients a choice on how they want their data destroyed. They can either stand by our state-of-the-art shredding truck, and watch their sensitive data being irrepairably erased, or trust us to take their data away, and dispose of it properly. If we’re trusted to take away their data, we need the accreditation to go with it, which we do.

Our GDPR accreditation can provide our clients with peace of mind when considering our paper of hard-drive shredding services.

Carbon Footprint

As a waste management service, we’re expected to be responsible with the waste we collect, as well as the waste we produce. All of this culminates to an expectation to uphold the environment of our local community, something we’re incredibly passionate about, and contribute to in a number of ways.

We ensure that we recycle as much as we possibly can. For example, 100% of card and paper we collect gets recycled, and we try to do the same for WEEE waste too.

Even our vehicles help us with our carbon footprint, as we use the latest tracking technology to eliminate ghost-miles between our collection points, and attempt to offset any of the carbon our vehicles emit.

It’s this commitment that’s leading us to our goal of net-zero, and why we’ve partnered ourselves with Carbon Footprint, further dedicating ourselves to our environmental cause.

Our accreditations are what keep us running as a business, providing a standard to hold ourselves and our services to, ensuring that we take great care in giving our clients the service they deserve, whilst also keeping to our own targets and policies.

For more information on our accreditations, please find them all listed here.