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    • plastic-battle.jpg
    • Europe descends into chaos following the Chinese ban of exporting foreign waste

      Europe has long prided itself on being an environmental leader and a champion of “the circular economy,” in which energy and resources are carefully husbanded, reused and recycled. However the truth is that …

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    • the-great-manure-crisis.jpg
    • The great manure crisis

      During the late 1800s, large cities all around the world including London, Manchester and New York were described to be “drowning in horse manure”. This was because in order for these cities to function, they …

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    • what-will-happen-to-plastic-waste.jpg
    • What will happen to all the worlds wasted plastic?

      Barely a day goes by without a new anti-plastic initiative, for example the Dutch supermarket creating a plastic free aisle, the Bali inhabitants sweeping the island for jetsam, the moves to get plastic out of teabags and even …

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    • solving-food-waste-idea.jpg
    • The student in Uganda who is trying to solve the food waste crisis

      Much of what's sold in markets in Uganda is wasted because farmers cannot store the food. So every day they have to return home and pick fresh fruit and vegetables to sell the next day. During the dry season very little grows …

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    • battery-recycling.jpg
    • The future of recycling lithium-ion batteries

      Lithium-ion batteries are starting to be used in significant amounts for automotive force and are always being used in computers today. With their increasing use by the automotive industry, the need to improve the recycling …

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    • paper-vs-digital-environmental-impact.jpg
    • Paper vs digital environmental impact

      Which is greener, paper books or ebooks? Are your reading habits harming the planet? A paper book, magazine, or newspaper is a tangible item that you can pick up and hold while you are reading it. A digital book, magazine, or …

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    • fly-tipping-manchester.jpg
    • Manchester streets are beginning to look more like rubbish dumps

      Manchester now has reportedly, one of the worst fly tipping problems of any city in the UK, the Manchester Evening News can reveal. There has been an upsurge of complaints by 40 per cent over the last three and a half years. …

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