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Has the new airport link road caused more damage to the local economy in the last three years than ever before?


First suggested as early as the 1930s and starting consultations in 2012, the £290 million airport link road that was supposedly set to be completed by autumn 2017 is finally ready to open in the next month!   

The Department for transport funded the link road which includes seven new junctions, 11 bridges and 10km of single and dual carriage ways. The design has been described as one of the most complex local road schemes in the UK. The link road also includes a shared pedestrian and cycle path running along the side. These high complex designs were meant to be finalised by spring 2017 however heavy rain and flooding postponed the accomplishment of the road. 

Whilst Mr Burnham, the mayor of Manchester has claimed how efficient this new road will be providing a vital link for the people and businesses of Stockport, Manchester and East Cheshire by making journeys faster and more reliable, he hasn’t mentioned the fact that it has cost the local South Manchester economy tens of millions of pounds over the last three years it’s taken to build due to inefficiencies in traffic management.  

Despite all the difficulties that Manchester has faced due to building the link road, STE waste is now pleased to say that they will find it easier to trade with other businesses in the greater Manchester area once again when the construction is finalised and the road is opened.  

Source: Manchester evening news - 12th September 2018 

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