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Maintaining efficient operations whilst being mindful of our carbon emissions

Along with our commitment to exceptional customer service, and efficient operations across the Greater Manchester and Cheshire area

Providing value for money to our Manchester and Cheshire clients

Considering the financial crisis the UK is facing this autumn and winter 

Setting and maintaining standards for waste management in Manchester and Cheshire

We’ve come a long way as a waste management company, with over 25 years of dedicated, and personalised service to all of our clients in Manchester and Cheshire

STE Waste Macclesfield services

For more than 25 years, STE Waste has had a focus on providing quality-driven and efficient waste management services to the Cheshire and Greater Manchester areas.

100% of Paper and Card Recycled

Recycling is at the forefront of what STE Waste do, and while we specialise in WEEE waste and shredding services

We've partnered with Mad Fox Manchester to promote local live music

STE Waste are happy to announce our new partnership with Mad Fox Manchester to help them create a new live music showcase supporting local artists

Keeping Greater Manchester's waste out of landfill

At STE Waste, we’re passionate about ensuring all the waste we collect is properly disposed of and recycled wherever possible

Taking on new clients in Manchester and Cheshire

Over the past 25+ years, we’ve put a significant amount of time and resources into our growth as a waste management business

Keeping track of collected waste

During our routine local services in Manchester and Cheshire, we collect and dispose of a lot of combined waste for our clients